astronaut ice cream
astronaut ice cream
astronaut ice cream
astronaut ice cream
astronaut ice cream
astronaut ice cream

Space-Time Cone-Tinuum - Comfortable Pillow

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Space is amazing, and ice cream is doubly so, which meant we had to put together an ice cream shirt that included planets and space-time. And is this artwork based on something scientific, oh you know us so well! 

The cone holding our delicious ice cream planets is taken from the visualization of a gravity well, which describes how the fabric of space-time is warped by the presence of mass. The heavier an object is, the greater the depth of the gravitational well that would be created using this visualization technique. An asteroid would give a tiny dent, while a black hole would make an infinitely deep pit in the fabric of space-time. Crazy right!? 

Gas giant planets made of ice cream would certainly be heavy, the caloric density alone would be enough to punch a hole in the universe. But astronauts have to snack on something while they're out exploring the universe, so this astronaut ice cream is our answer to that...even if it turns out that such a treat never existed in the first place! Spoiler: they enjoy regular ice cream just like the rest of us. 

We all know that planets sit in the fabric of space-time and bend the universe to create gravity, but did you know they're also delicious? Sitting in a cone that seems shaped from a singularity, enjoy three tasty planets with crispy rings for that little something extra. Make your friends laugh and then a little hungry with the latest treat from the cosmos! Enjoy some astronaut ice cream! 

-Great gift for the theoretical physicist in your life ;)
-Custom Design online, not sold in stores. 
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A strategically placed accent can bring the whole room to life, and this pillow is just what you need to do that. What's more, the soft, machine-washable case with the shape-retaining insert is a joy to have long afternoon naps on.

• 100% polyester case and insert
• Hidden zipper
• Machine-washable case
• Shape-retaining polyester insert included (handwash only)
• Blank product components in the US sourced from China and the US
• Blank product components in the EU sourced from China and Poland