Clouds of Saturn - Sports Bra
Clouds of Saturn - Sports Bra
Clouds of Saturn - Sports Bra
Clouds of Saturn - Sports Bra
Clouds of Saturn - Sports Bra

Clouds of Saturn - Sports Bra

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Saturn is one of the most fascinating planets for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it's so unique in so many ways. Fun facts time for Saturn!

It is actually the least dense planet in the solar system! If you were to somehow find an ocean big enough, Saturn would float in it! So we have at least one planet that could help you swim around the pool!

Saturn has the most extensive ring system of any planet in the solar system (duh!). The crazy thing is that the rings can extend up to 175,000 miles away from the planet, but their thickness is about 30 feet. That boggles our minds! These rings are incredibly precise!

There is an absolutely massive...hexagonal...storm at the north pole! The physics behind its creation and motion are absolutely amazing, and are far too much to contain here, but we recommend checking it out! The videos alone are worth a look, this planet is beautiful from any angle!

Saturn's moon Titan is a candidate for extraterrestrial life, albeit a weird one. It rains methane and ethane there due to its frigid climate, but is the only other object in the solar system boasting liquids in a stable form on its surface. While life may exist there, it will certainly be a form we're not used to.

In short, if you get a chance to visit, this is a destination that will keep you endlessly fascinated!

One of the largest and most stunning planets in the solar system with more icy rings than all of Canada, Saturn has long turned heads and inspired those of us on Earth. Stun your friends and look like a cosmic jewel as you go for a run or lift weights at the gym. 🪐

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This gorgeous sports bra is made from moisture-wicking material that stays dry during low and medium intensity workouts. The bra has support material in the shoulder straps, double layer front, and a wide elastic band to ensure constant support. Note: Bra is rimmed in black.

• Available in sizes XS-2XL
• 82% polyester, 18% spandex
• Moisture-wicking fabric
• Four-way stretch material stretches and recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains
• Scoop neckline and racerback
• Flat seams and bias binding that eliminate rubbing
• Best for A-C cups
• Support material in shoulder straps, double layer front, and a wide elastic under breasts

Size guide

Bust (inches) 33 ⅛ 34 ⅝ 36 ¼ 39 ⅜ 42 ½ 45 ⅝
Waist (inches) 25 ¼ 26 ¾ 28 ⅜ 31 ½ 34 ⅝ 37 ¾