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Due to the continued outbreak of Covid-19, orders may be delayed by a week or two. Our production facility is practicing social distancing measures and working on best practices to manage this pandemic. Thank you for your extra patience!

A place for science jokes, science fiction art, and whimsical designs!

Here at Whimsy Space we think science is amazing, and believe the universe to be both incredibly vast and beautiful. We also have a sense of humor and love science jokes, space puns, and making art that speaks in some way to the larger world. Learning about or enjoying science and the natural world through art was the inspiration that led to the creation of our own little universe here at WhimsySpace. By imbuing our style onto products, along with a story of the science related to the design, we strive to share our passion and curiosity about the world and the cosmos with everyone. Come for the jokes, stay for the fun, and welcome to WhimsySpace.

Here at WhimsySpace our Customers are #1

Our greatest joy is sharing and creating art based on science and the universe, which means we care a great deal about the people we get to share it with. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at, and we will be with you as soon as we can. Please note that due to Covid19, some of our products are delayed, mainly apparel.

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